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Posted by LaYashi - 17 hours ago

How are your OCs relationships with their family?

Siblings, parents, grandparents, Cousins, ETC.

CrispKrizalid has a very poor relationship with his parents, his dad is a veteran who taught him the ropes around combat and war, Kriz's dad doesn't care about raising him or teaching him life lessons, his dad is also dead too...

His mother is a librarian who was very neglectful of Kriz, she's kind of a hoe, a trophy wife if you may... she really just wants to meet a man who can make her life simple, so she can rest and relax, she's more caring towards other people than her own son...

Agua and Elizabeth are cousins, they have family reunions and chat, they always bring gifts and food for eachother.

They are like sisters, they look out for eachother.

Elizabeth is the eldest but very naive and slightly innocent.

Agua is younger but pretty dirty minded.

Elizabeth has a healthy relationship with her father and his parents, her mother passed away a couple years ago...

Agua has a great relationship with her grandparents, she was raised by them, since her parents weren't very caring of her...

Claus and Mordle have a terrible relationship with their father...

They both dislike him and his sister.

Claus doesn't really meet his cousins or grandparents, since he doesn't want to affiliate with them.

Mordle doesn't like his family cause they caged him up for most of his life.

Claus and Mordle fight and argue constantly...

They do so out of spite for different views, it's very childish and immature that it's saddening...

For both sides it makes them seem like jerks...

Posted by LaYashi - 18 hours ago

I love coffee, especially once you haven't tried it in a while, a burst of sweet and creamy goodness with a side of energizing feelings of dopamine.

Just a wonderful time, I love me a good cup of coffee with eggs n' toast with sausage.


Posted by LaYashi - 18 hours ago



So I was on my way to save Akari.

I got down into the jail, and I encountered Joseph.

He told me what Akari did broke the laws of the Center, so he said she must be punished, via emprisonment.

Joseph knew why I was there, and I fought him.

I won, obviously.

So Joseph decided to chill out and excuse it.

Joseph said that the Center was doing really shady stuff, he said they have the right motivations, but they aren't doing them morally.

So Joseph let me off the hook.


Joseph left, and went to go confront the Center I suppose.

Now then...

i went into Akari's jail cell, but she was being mind controlled, so the demon who helped me "Nadja" fused with Akari and restored her to her senses, Akari got an all +1 stat bonus.

But... she's very weak, if I sneezed on her, she'd die...

she has 58 max HP, 48 max MP, so quite a bummer...

At least she's in my party now, let's hope she doesn't die brutally now...

I'mma half to go confront "Mekata" the guy who told us about what happened and where Akari was.


Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

I might redraw my Edgy Isabelle.


Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

My favorite Nickleback song is photograph now, don't @ me.

Whenever I put up Photograph I cry like a little bitch.

It's a genuinely sad and heartfelt song to me, I love it!

I cry a lot, but I smile, It makes me think of some of my happiest memories.

But it makes me think of now too, and it makes me smile.


Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago


I love savagery when it's done well.

Take Omni-Man, Guts, Doom Slayer, and Sundowner for example, they make violence cool.

I obviously don't like characters getting hurt or killed brutally, but when those characters do it, it's just way too badass.

I love it when villains do it too, a chefs kiss on that dismembered protagonists/heroes head.

And a kiss on the antagonists/villains ripped spine.

No I don't influence this or anything, I just think these things make that stuff look cool.

I love a mix of brutal but hopeful, and wholesome.

We need more violence but with hope and characters making heart warming bonds please, lol.

Something edgy and wholesome.

Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

Just me when Maddie.

Thank you Zee for blessing us with Marshmallow woman, human and actual marshmallow XD.

Lookie that, Kriz brought a beautiful rose for her!



Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

Me trying to resist the urge to change my pfp...



Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

Not much, I was mostly grinding in dungeons and fusing really strong demons.

I got this Chucky lookin' demon tho.


I'm slightly progressing the story.

I forgot to share this.

After I defeated the false Messiah. (Jordan.)

I went back to a place known as the center. (Where Akari's parents live.)

she was said to be captured, and locked away in a factory labor camp, so I headed there and fought Jordan again.

He got his ass beat. (Again.)

I got through and went down a floor and went into an elevator, I got into the prison, but the outer part of it, not inside of it or the camp yet.

I de-stoned this fat man, who was probably a god.

And he thanked me, he also told me he needs a bit of time before he can move properly.

I got into the prison, today, I'm still exploring the place before the labor camp.

(I swear to god it was like the backrooms, it kept going and going...)

I met a demon girl named Nadia who be came my minion and gave me help, and let me pass through jail bars leading to the camp.

So yeah, that's about it.

I haven't made much progress, I was just grinding mostly, and I had been playing the game in short bursts after a while, but I'm still playing, and probably play more later.

Posted by LaYashi - 1 day ago

I'm drawing some No-No Dr. K art, I kind of regret it XD.