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Posted by LaYashi - 12 days ago

Roku Kiki and Lala are a mix of Romanian and Greek

Roku Cinnamoroll is Greek.

Roku My Melody and Rhythm are jewish.

Roku Cyan is a mix of Japanese and American.

Roku Crow is a mix of Scottish and Swedish.

Roku Haida is vietnamese.

Roku Anai is Spainard.

Roku Sapphie is Italian, as Roku Ruby is British.

This is all.

These are just concepts btw, what do you think?


Posted by LaYashi - 2 weeks ago

I'm making a little book about concepts and characterization concepts.

Thank you for your support as well, it makes me smile.




Posted by LaYashi - September 14th, 2021


Roku Kiki looks to the right because he doesn't like to look forward.

It kinda gives him sight disadvantages.

He has two eyes, he just doesn't like showing his right eye.

Which is again a sight disadvantage.

His fringe is a bit wide, so it covers the other half of his face.

But he can move his eyes some how, his hoodie is a little small.

And he wears an earring for style.

He sometimes wears a cross necklace.

He wears his sweater around his waist sometimes.

His hair is actually black, he uses dyes and pigments that can be washed away with soap.

He uses 50% of a dye/pigment jar just to make his hair red.

The hedges on his head are difficult to keep straight.

Roku Kiki looks like an edgy angsty kid, but he's more of a welcoming and accepting person.

Roku Kiki's favorite food is Steak and ribs.

His favorite drink is an oat meal drink.

(Side facts)

Roku Kiki used to have a ritual blade as a weapon, but I took it out.

He likes Guilty Gear music. His 1# is Alone infection.

His favorite GG character is Faust.

Roku Kiki has tuxedos, coats and robes, bracelets, more necklaces and shoulder coats.

He's insecure about being a demon when mentioned.

Sometimes if he upsets people or hurts them, it eats away at his mind.

Roku Kiki gets guilty over small things time to time.

But he tries to do his best.



Posted by LaYashi - August 27th, 2021


Roku Hyoudou is an officer, well. An elite officer, perhaps a swat type.

He is very serious about his job, he only brings out his armor if necessary.

He lives in Kyoto, where he works at it is called the Japanese Defense team.

Or "JDF" for short.

Roku Hyoudou is a focused and brave man.

He is a healthy thin man.

But he is slowly tiring of life.

As he starts to lose interest in life or anything at all.

He starts to become more foolhardy and risk taking as the days go on.

He fears death little now.

But he still has his passion to keep the innocent safe.

He is the Wall Of Kyoto.

Maybe a bit moody now...


Posted by LaYashi - August 22nd, 2021


This ones one of the more edgier things I've made.


Roku Tadano is an accountant working somewhere in Kyoto.

He works in a rival business, the business is against another business called "Loner Man Orginization"

(The place where Roku Retsuko works/lives at.

Roku Tadano is pretty unhinged...

He used to be hopeful and kind.

He has a pessimistic attitude, and he doesn't really hide his negative personality.

He does whatever he does without care.

But he does take some precaution.

Possibly Roku Tadano is suffering from a brain tumor.

He experiences a short loss of movement or nerves at some random times, on some occasions he screams as if he is going insane.

No one really knows what's up with him.

They assume he has disabilities or something.

Roku Tadano isn't really a person interested in love.

But something about Retsuko makes him feel a certain way about her, he doesn't wish to hurt her or do anything bad.

He wants to protect her only.

Roku Tadano has a burning hatred for Haida, because he took his chances.

Roku Tadano sees Fenneko as nothing more or less.

Maybe a hurdle or a wall blocking him from Retsuko.

Despite all that, Roku Tadano feels the need to confess to Retsuko for no reason at all.

(He possibly has Erotomania)

Overall, he's suffering from something warping his mind that will some day kill him, as well as a mental disorder...

He gladly gets help/treated and becomes friends with other character's.


Posted by LaYashi - August 20th, 2021

This is an odd one indeed.

But just a little thing.


This ShopKeeper, Who's name is unknown.

Has a clothing Store located in an alley way in Shibuya named RioRokuSan.

With a little stair case leading to it's main door.

It's a pretty good place to get clothing, at a great price.

Cheap, but in good quality.

She also has free Jewelry, which is her old used Jewelry.

It has been restored slightly, it's beginning to tarnish though...

So go on now and stop by!



Posted by LaYashi - August 8th, 2021

This is probably useless mixed information and facts but.

I think it'd be neat to know.

(1 I'll start off with Roku Retsuko.

(Roku Fenneko's is the same)

Roku Retsuko's work uniform isn't actually red, it's actually dark grey or near it, like basically most clothing in Rokuleyes.

(For all characters, they can imprint or change their clothes to be the color they are, a red can make black colored clothing red, they can automatically make any other color theirs.

Just depends on the color though.

They also can imprint patterns on their clothing or choose a certain piece to color.

The top of Retsuko's uniform's collar is actually part of it, underneath it she has a v neck shirt.

The gold button she has on her uniform is removable and is more or less an accessory.

The skirt has a little pouch which the button clips onto.

It kinda feels uncomfortable though.

The gold button is made from real gold, but cannot be sold.

She has 2 types of boots, but she mostly uses the ones with a sharp curve.

Roku Retsuko uses mascara, her eyes are the same as Sanrio Retsuko's.

(2 Next is Roku Sapphie.

Roku Sapphie wears a coat or some sort.

She has purple on the elbows of the coat.

She wears a sweater beneath the coat, it has long sleeves and is annoying to put on.

But she likes how it looks none the less.

Her tophat's brim is funnily wide, the bottom were the hat can be put on is a little small as well.

Roku Sapphie wields a gun.

She pulls it out of her tophat, and of course it has saftey mode on and is unloaded.

She also stores ammo in there as well.

Roku Sapphie's eyes are like targets, or look like them.

(3 Next is Roku Ruby.

Roku Ruby is a type of spirit.

The reason why is because she died.

Unfortunately she can still be harmed and interact with things and living things physically.

Luckily she is still alive.

The other half or Roku Ruby's body is missing, or is the scarf she wears.

But she does still have her hands, well uh.

Somewhat demon looking hands?

It is hard to explain why her hands are like that.

The little flower on her head is fake.

Her eyes were somewhat altered like her hands.

(4 Next is Roku Cinnamoroll.

Roku Cinnamoroll isn't much in terms of looks.

Which is why he can change his appearance and height.

But it'll still look like him.

He has one with a cape, one with a cape and crown or one without the cape and only just the crown.

The crown has an unlit piece of coal.

Which only is ignited when he us angry, makes his flames stronger.

The angrier he is, the hotter the fire.

Yeah... not much really...

His eyes are red because he is from hell.

And demons and beings born in hell usually have red eyes or are the color red.

That is the info I have to share for now.

Feel free to ask questions!


Posted by LaYashi - August 7th, 2021

I kinda wanna do commisions.

For free of course!

I wanna do commisions as a side thing.

Cause I'll be going back to school soon on august 9, and it will probably test my patience or something.

I wanna give some people art as I gift I suppose, and to improve some more.

So I feel less like lazy trash.

You can ask for one now but you'll have to wait.

It's for free though, sound a tiny bit fair?

Well, bye now.

Posted by LaYashi - August 5th, 2021



It is rushed as hell.


Posted by LaYashi - July 28th, 2021


Just some doodles of Roku Retsuko in different clothing.

The first one, which is her work uniform is actually her secondary outfit.

Her first is the 2nd one.

The 2nd one is her nighttime/morning clothes.

Which she wears to sleep.

And wakes up with.

The 3rd one is her casual wear, which she wears on special occasions.

Like most Rokuleyes characters do.

She also has numerous amounts of clothing rhythm are identical to these.

Special she wears a different pair each day, silly.

Also yes, she washes the her clothes frequently.