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Who's your most immoral/evil OC?

Posted by LaYashi - May 25th, 2022

The Surgeon is possibly my most evil/immoral OC.

(The Avatar of EVIL.)

He transcends hatred and fear.

So much that he's apathetic about it all.

(He might be a cannibal.)

He see's everything as a test subject or victim, regardless of their race or being.

Dude will literally bit off your arms and head off if you mess with him.

He prefers to inject and squeeze out toxins out of someone.

They leak out via any orifice you have.

He doesn't find anything enjoyable, he just wants to commit genocide and gain knowledge.

He's by far, an enigma, far beyond and eldritch god or immortal infinite being.

He invokes fear in everything.

(He wants you to die, and that's all he wishes.)

His sense of humor sucks tho--

But he still is terrifying, power wise and mentally.


The surgeon has begun the procedure, he isn't human as you'd like to believe.

Knives rust and break upon his arrival...

But your skin, flesh, organs, and soul are for the taking.

Stab, Rend, Severe, Tear, Fear.


well i have more evil oc's but i didn't even drawed them
so for now it will be joseph

Surgeon and Joseph would make great friends, they'd do a lot of stuff together and kill entire universes.

my most evil oc has to be either sdick or 2013

it would probably be sdick due to him being wanted for murdering 19 children and 91 adults

In Rokuleyes, that's a small number...
3.75 billion is medium...

@LaYashi would like to see them together :D
it would look cool af
let's kill everyone :>

Hell yeah!
I have another character who wears the skins of dead people.

I also have another Oc Who likes to torment and kill mentally ill people.

Kristina, I haven’t showed them yet, but basically; A Normal Human who’s been corrupted by a Goddess who wants to Use Them as A Vessel for Committing acts of Genocide

They’ve killed millions of People for Power
Has Targeted Ethnic Groups and Slaughtered them just so she can expand her own Ethnicity
Has killed Young Children and Consumes them
Has Invaded Kingdoms for Just for Territory gain
Has Killed Gods many times more powerful than her (only in certain AUs)
Has Imposed Rules in her own Empire, Turning her basically into a Dictator
Has Bullied People to the Point of Killing Themselves
Doesn’t Care for who’s her Ally, She’ll still kill them soon enough

She’s basically just a Merciless Killer, and a Dictator

The God killer, Dues Ex Machina, God butcher, and God Aborter skills would like to have a word with you--
Literal anyone in Rokuleyes can achieve that with the help of a stick...

@LaYashi “and kill mentally ill people.” Oh shi-

Hell yeah!
He's mentally ill and messed up himself!
He wants to remain alone.

@LaYashi Well I guess everyone in my Oc’s universe is just weak as shit lol

Nah, they are pretty fierce!
It's just that Rokuleyes's world is busted and way too OP.

No one can destroy the planet on Rokuleyes, cause it refuses to die.
The universe kills people who escape it or enter it.
It's very stubborn and hopeful.

yeah, looks like carcass lyrics on songs like psychopathologist and feast on dismembered carnage