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Released #2

Posted by LaYashi - 10 days ago

After a couple hours of sleeping, Colin awakens.

Colin gets up feeling well rested, he's a little calm, but a bit taken over by anxiety still...

He looks at his slightly ripped clothing and small bandage, he feels somber...

Colin looks on the table for some more supplies.

He finds some bullets in a desk, some snacks, some money, he also finds a secret small box with photos of a happy black latex creature.

The photo shows the creature on a bean bag or bed that he slept on.

But with oranges and news papers and books.

Colin saves it.

Colin spots a tiny black spot on the corner, he picks up a mask he found on it.

It's covered in tears, a feeling of dread passes by.

Colin feels sad...

He opens the door and continues on.

He puts the mask in his pocket or somewhere...

Colin walks into another science room.

The recorder starts playing something...

"You wanted to play god, where did that bring you?

You made us to suffer, we're more or less the same.

We were humans once too, yet you feel the need to justify killing us."

Colin is silent.

He observes the place...

He finds a couple of books and newspapers.

He reads...

Entry 1:

I hope that guy has woken up today, he's been there for a while...

They've forgotten him, poor boy.

Shit has happened, a lot of shit...

On one day, it was fine, and the next, these weird latex things started getting people, they destroyed our city, and our humanity.

Luckily we were safe here, along with that person inside that pod thing.

Alas, after everything had gone back to normal, life strived again, the latex were dying and we celebrate.

But, little did we know, they weren't going to stay dead.

They came back and attacked our staff, and janitors.

Everything came back like a zombie, everything went to hell in a couple days here, after everything has ended.

We're locked in here, we're fighting for our lives currently, we might not have survived.

But maybe that boy has, hopefully he makes it out...

If you have found this, there's a knife or blunt object here, go look for it here... I can't tell you much, I gotta get back to fighting....

The End."

Colin closes the book, he saves it.

Colin looks around the broken monitors and knocked over desks.

Colin finds a metal pipe.

He's not strong enough to hold it...

He looks again and finds a long blade, it looks like a sword, but it isn't.

Colin continues on picking up more books.

He walks farther and farther.

He finds a black latex just walking slowly by...

Colin rushes to the beast and stabs it through the head.

It whails in pain and falls...

Colin feels bad... but he feels more safe with this weapon.

He walks past the monster he killed.

2 hours later, a long time of walking...

He goes into a library with scattered books.

There's too much to pick up though...

He ignores the books and walks again.

As Colin walks he is scratched in the back by another beast, his suit rips some more.

It's a necromancer!

Colin feels a stinging pain in his back.

Colin turns and sees a shivering beast with no mask.

It speaks...

"Human, where is my mask?..."

Colin speechless, but he just attacks it.

It moves away swiftly.

"Give me back my mask thief..."

The Necromancer says as it rushes towards Colin fiercely.

Colin evades getting a good cut on it.

The monster screams.

"Hand me the mask you foul human!..."

The Necromancer throws a sharp shard at Colin, which stabs him and forms a black patch around his shoulder.

Colin flinched, but he goes behind the shelves, he takes cover as the Necromancer chaces him and throws shards carelessly.

Colin hides and pulls out the shard, he injects the vaccine in himself, the black patch goes away.

He adds rubbing alcoholic.

The monster begins knocking over shelves with a loud thud noise being made.

Colin throws books at the monster.

The monster gets angier.

"Stop that, you take away the only thing that made me happy!"

The monster violently attacks.

Colin dodges and gets another good cut.

The monster falls back, but it isn't dead.

Colin rushes towards the monster ahd he kicks it in the jaw.

He shoves his blade into the monsters head.

Colin grabs the shard and hits the monster.

It dies quietly and turns into a puddle.

Colin is stressed out...

He quickly runs out of the library into another safe room.

He closes the door.

He takes a look around exhausted, he sees a sowing machine.

He quickly takes off his suit and sows it back...

Colin finishes sowing it and takes a look at his body...

He looks awful...

He adds another bandage...

A tear drops from Colin's eye, he sighs.

Colin puts his suit back on.

Colin looks at the time, it's 7:00AM.

He just sleeps on the floor....


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